Google Adwords - Advanced Location Settings

Advanced Location Settings - Google Adwords

When I audit a client’s Adwords campaign, one of the very first things I do is check their Advanced Location Settings. Usually the client has set their campaign location based on the particular customers or traffic they’re looking to drive their content to - but a lot of people don’t know about their Advanced Location Settings.


  • Go to Campaign Settings

  • Select Location Options


By default, Adwords targets people that have anything to do with your location. Say you’re targeting Toronto, ON. This means Adwords is sending your traffic to anyone who’s ever been interested in Toronto based on their search history. And these searches can be by people anywhere in the world, not necessarily Toronto. So if Joe from Chicago once looked up “stuff to do in Toronto” and now he is googling dentists - you may be bidding on his search when he is definitely not looking for a dentist in Toronto.


Most likely, you’re actually looking to target Torontonians - so select:


  • People in your target locations.


In theory, this targets only people who actually live in this location.


Depending on your campaign, you may want to use one of the other two options but generally speaking most campaigns are actually looking for people in their target locations.


  • People in, or who show interest in your targeted locations

  • People searching for your targeted location


So check your location options! Figure out who you’re targeting and what makes sense for your campaign because wasted clicks cost you money and could also harm your CTR or click-through-rate. To read more about CTR, click here.