A Step-By-Step Guide To Creating Easy And Effective Holiday Ads For Your Small Business

Attention local business owners! Do you have a physical location for your store, restaurant, pop-up, or experience-based company?

You’ll want to keep reading.  

The holidays are fast approaching which means it’s time to get those holiday ads running. This season can be one of the most profitable times of year for businesses, and advertising on Facebook is one of the best ways to get the attention you want from your customers and potential customers.

Facebook is still the ad platform of choice for marketers – there’s a large, engaged user base of over 1 billion people who, on average, spend up to 28% of their day on their feed liking and sharing content. Half of them access Facebook via mobile only, so there is a huge opportunity to capture leads via call to action buttons. These buttons shorten your conversion funnel; instead of users seeing the ad, clicking through, then visiting a landing page (which captures some leads), Facebook ads with a Call Now or Shop Now button let the user see the ad and click directly through to an action.

But with roughly 2 million active advertisers on Facebook, everyone is trying to compete for attention. You don’t want your ads to get lost in the shuffle, so here’s our tried-and-true method for a quick and easy ad campaign that will cut through the noise.

(Note: you need a Facebook Business Account and Ad Account for your page before you can continue. If you don’t, check out this article from Facebook to get you started.)

1. Choose the Engagement type of ad. Results are less costly and you can still include a Call to Action and link to your website.


2. Plug in the address of your business and set the location radius to within 1-2 miles. If you choose your location by city, it will only allow a 10 mile radius which is too large for this purpose. Leave the age and gender selections unchanged so your audience size isn’t too specific – a fairly broad audience is good.


3. Edit the placements to Facebook feed only. This is where you’re going to get quality clicks and leads for the best cost.


4. Set your budget to $5.00 a day. With a small, targeted location, $5 a day is enough to get some great exposure. Keep in mind spending more does not always mean more results. Facebook will always spend the budget that you put in, but if it cannot find the right people (aka your target audience), it will serve ads to the same people over and over again.


5. Create a slideshow ad (or, if you have a great promotional video, use that and create a single video ad instead of a slideshow). Video ads are much more engaging than static photo ads, so creating a slideshow quickly could increase your clicks by up to 20%.


6. Create your slideshow by uploading some photos. You can choose the size of the images and amount of time between shots. We recommend 2 seconds. If you need to resize your images to fit, we recommend using Canva.


7. Write some simple ad copy that opens with “Hey (local neighbourhood)!” so your target demographic knows you’re speaking to them specifically. They will be more inclined to pay attention if the ad is directly addressed to them. Don’t be afraid to use a couple of emojis – studies show they increase engagement by up to 25%.


We’ve used this quick and easy method with our clients with great success – you can too.